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Elite 11: A Platform for Excellence in Quarterback Development and Collaboration

Join us as we learn from Elite 11, a platform for excellence in quarterback development and collaboration, and how it can benefit Elite 7v7.

Elite 11 is an invitation-only event that showcases the top high school quarterbacks in the country. It is a platform that allows young athletes to compete against each other while receiving instruction from some of the top quarterback coaches in the game. Recently, Elite 7v7's founder, Nico Steriti, had the opportunity to attend Elite 11, and we caught up with him to hear about his experience.

Investing in Career Development

When asked about what inspired him to visit Elite 11 and how the opportunity came about, Nico Steriti said that investing in his career development was essential for his growth. He applied to be an intern on Elite 11's website and was selected to work their camp. Nico shared that the experience was one of the best camps he's ever been to, and he plans on coming back.

Atmosphere and Experience

Nico described the atmosphere and overall experience at Elite 11 as extremely focused. He shared that every kid there was focused, and every coach was focused. The atmosphere was conducive to competition and performance, and it was evident that everyone was ready to conquer. Nico also shared that he enjoyed the collaboration between the coaches, the staff, and the players.

Skills and Techniques

When asked about the specific skills or techniques he had the opportunity to learn or observe during his time with Elite 11, Nico shared that he learned everything from the proper bio mechanics to generate power to the keys on escaping the pocket and throwing daggers downfield. The camp explains every single degree necessary for the QB to not only thrive but feel confident in their abilities.

Differences between Elite 7v7 and Elite 11

Nico highlighted that Elite 7v7 makes sure that football players compete in real in-game action opposed to their camp, where they simulate the best they can to put the QB in difficult positions to learn how to achieve what they are asking, usually on air. It's a great way to see a kid move and throw, but 7v7 provides the platform to see them actually compete in-game situations.

Collaboration with the Elite 11 Coaching Staff

Nico shared that the Elite 11 coaching staff's overall professionalism was profound. From the way they gave instruction to the staff to the flexibility they provided in terms of what drills they would like to help coaches with, and offering their own personal knowledge to the players was very nice. Nico also mentioned that he had the chance to grab a few coaches' numbers and they are planning on attending the QB IQ system at Ocean TWP. HS due to being invited from some coaches at Elite 11!

Applying the Knowledge and Insights

Nico envisions applying the knowledge and insights he gained from his Elite 11 experience to enhance the Elite 7v7 program. He wants to make sure that each participant is receiving the prospect portfolio they deserve after attending their event. Nico's goal is to provide colleges with information on each kid and access to their prospect profile, which will contain all of the information needed for the athletes to get recruited properly.

Elite 11's Approach to Player Development

Nico shared that Elite 7v7 must provide many avenues for the kids to showcase their abilities. They must be creative and mindful while doing so. The 7v7 platform will change the way football players get recruited! Nico also highlighted that the business side of advertising and sponsorships were on point. From foam cut-outs spread throughout the stadium to merchandise available at the event, Elite 11 is the real deal.

Future Collaboration

Nico confirmed that there are plans for further collaboration between Elite 7v7 and Elite 11 in the future. The next collaboration is set to take place at Penn State on May 21st. Elite 11 will be rolling out their ALL 22 programs, and Nico is excited to offer his knowledge at the highest level to the next generation running backs.

Influence on Youth Football Development

Finally, when asked how this experience influenced his outlook on youth football development and what advice he has for young athletes looking to excel in the sport, Nico shared that the experience showed him that Texas football is legit, and kids there earn big-time FBS scholarships because they truly are devoted to improving their skill set year-round. Nico's advice for young athletes looking to excel in the sport is to work hard and stay focused on improving their skills.


Elite 11 is an excellent platform that allows young athletes to compete against each other while receiving instruction from some of the top quarterback coaches in the game. Nico Steriti's experience at Elite 11 highlights the value of investing in career development and collaborating with other football programs to enhance the skills of young athletes. Nico's takeaways from Elite 11 also underscore the importance of providing young football players with opportunities to showcase their abilities and be creative while doing so. Elite 7v7 is committed to offering young athletes the best platform to showcase their skills, and Nico's experience at Elite 11 will help the program achieve this goal. Follow Elite 7v7 on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

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